In short: A social distancing of 1.5 meters needs to be kept in outdoor and indoor spaces and face masks will remain mandatory when it is not possible to maintain this distance. If you don’t comply with the “new normal” rules in Spain, you can get a 100 euro fine.

Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions

– How long will the Spain New Normal phase rules apply?

Until the Coronavirus crisis is over or an effective vaccine against COVID-19 is available, so we need to be patient.

– Is there freedom of movement during Spain New Normal phase?

There are no specific measures to restrict general mobility. Thus, on June 21, the sixth and last extension of the Spanish “State of Alarm””or official Coronavirus lockdown has ended, removing any restriction on movement between regions. 

– How is public transport like in Spain’s “New Normality” after COVID-19?

Any public transport operator will have to adjust the supply levels to the evolution of the demand’s recovery. Interprovincial air and land transport operators must sell their tickets with a preassigned seat number.

If you are taking a train, bus or plane to another region during the “New Normality” phase, you will get a preassigned seat and the company will keep your contact info up to a minimum of 4 weeks after the trip.

This is to ensure that, in case it is necessary, they can contact you and perform a traceability of contacts study to control any possible Coronavirus outbreak.

– Are face masks mandatory during “New Normal” phase in Spain?

Face masks must be used in means of transport, such as the subway, bus, plane or train, as well as in public or private places – closed and open – where a physical distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept. 

Children under 6 and people with an illness or disability that prevent them from face masks use are exempt from it. In addition, masks might not be used for a force majeure reason or while practicing outdoor individual sports.

Remember: if you don’t comply with this obligation, you might get a fine of up to 100 euros! So don’t forget your face mask home and avoid a 100 euro fine!

– Are there capacity restrictions in bars, shops or entertainment in the “New Normality” Phase in Spain?

Every region has set different limits, so there might be different capacity limits in different regions of Spain during the New Normality period. For example, bars in Granada or Malaga will have the same capacity limitations, as both provinces belong to the same region (Andalusia), but their restrictions can be different from other regions’ ones, like Madrid or Catalonia.

As a general rule, most regions have set a 75% capacity limit in this kind of establishments.

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