The start of the beach season will offer us a very special treat this year! With the start of Phase 2, bathing and public use of beaches is now permitted. Although common sense and self-protection measures are the key to further contain the pandemic, special security measures have been put in place.

Double access

On the urban beaches there will be double sidewalk entrances and exits, an increase in the number of health and lifeguard staff, as well as cleaning and a special police surveillance operation.

The width of the accesses to the beaches is maintained, but the litter bins are located outside, in the entrance and exit areas, in order to respect the natural state and avoid infecting the local fauna.

The use of footwear is compulsory on all access routes.

Social safety distance

On all beaches the social safety distance must be respected. The minimum distance between hammocks is 2 meters, between umbrella shafts at least 4 meters and the distance between the users and the shore 6 meters. If you go to the beach in a group, remember that the group must not be larger than 15 people.

It is forbidden to play with balls or bats, both on the sand and in the sea.

Informants on the beach

This year, the rescue and surveillance service on the beaches, which the City Council carries out in coordination with the Spanish Red Cross, has added the function of informing and monitoring users. There will be a team of 25 informants on the beach and special signs to remind users of the rules of self-protection. In addition, there will be the usual squad of local police, agents and support vehicles, which will add the function of monitoring compliance with safety standards to prevent and prosecute criminal activities during the pandemic.

Special cleaning

A cleaning team of 22 people is deployed for this task, which is reinforced by 5 additional people (up to a total of 27) in July and August for specific COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection tasks. The operation includes the presence of workers with backpacks in the task of disinfecting waste containers.

Monitoring with drones

The local police will use drones to monitor possible crowds of people who might endanger the health of beach users. The entire coastline will also be monitored and controlled by sand routes of specialized quads. The local police will punish any behaviour that violates the health measures adopted by the Spanish government, with the aim of ensuring maximum protection of the population from the coronavirus pandemic.

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